The Connect the Dots Mentorship Academy is a brand new program of the IWBC. The goal of the program is Create successful mentor/ mentee relationships that serve both sides of the relationship and to help Idaho Women grow their businesses, assist in overcoming barriers of entrepreneurship and Covid19, create more income, and be successful. We have a strong belief that everyone needs a Mentor and we have the resources and connections to help you find one.  The academy consists of two parts, the Mentor Connect and Mentoring circles. Mentor Connect is one to one mentoring relationships and Mentoring circles are peer to peer group mentoring relationships. 

Mentor Connect

Mentor Connect facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships that connect small business owners (Mentees) with Mentors (experienced business owners, economic development professionals and valued volunteers) from around the state to assist in overcoming barriers of entrepreneurship. (Or just a friendly professional to bounce ideas) We believe that all women in business should sign up to have a mentor. Whether it is a one time phone call, coffee meeting, zoom, or a 90 day connecting program for a deeper dive, lasting professional relationships will transpire for the benefit of all who participate.  

Why Become a Mentor?

• GROW your Network 
• LEARN to overcome Challenges 
• DEVELOP your Business Strategies 
• EXPLORE news ways to Build your Business 

Why Become a Mentee?

• DEVELOP your Strengths 
• GROW your Passion for Entrepreneurship 
• ADVANCE the Economic Impact 
• GAIN professional Visibility 

Mentoring Circles

A Mentoring Circle is a way for a peer group to self-organize around a shared interest, goal, project, or identifier. The members of a circle meet regularly to learn and share fir a 6 week period of time. Often, circles benefit from the insights of an experienced advisor or educational speakers on topics relevant to the industry.  You can choose to be a member of a circle or to be a circle lead. You can also submit ideas to us for Circle name, theme and focus area. 

Why Become a Circle Lead?

  • Solve a challenge you and others are experiencing by creating a circle 
  • Gain facilitation skills through ownership of the circle 
  • Grow through peer support and exploration of ideas 
  • Earn some extra cash 

Why Become a Mentee?

  • Support others who are experiencing similar challenges 
  • Learn from the success of others 
  • Grow through peer support and exploration of ideas 

Meet the Mentorship Director

Paige is a born and raised Idaho resident with a degree from Boise State University. She has been a growing leader in the Treasure Valley for the past six years through her own adventures inside of entrepreneurship, with Women Ignite International and now the IWBC. Paige is a business consultant who helps many businesses and entrepreneurs on systems, platforms and procedures to help them succeed and to scale upward and outward with growth. She is a believer in guidance and mentorship as it has directly impacted her career and business ventures. Paige serves on the board for The Culture for Change Foundation and loves to donate her time at many fundraising events around the Treasure Valley! She has a passion for diversity, world travel, fitness, the outdoors, and creating value and significance everywhere she goes, both personally and professionally. Paige resides in Nampa, Idaho, with her two dogs Ellie and Emerson.

One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.
– John C. Maxwell